Mission Statement

Our goal at Movement Speaks Dance & Performing Arts Centre is to develop the passion and love for the art of dance in our students, while also emphasizing the fundamentals of technique, perseverance and team work. Students and their families love the feeling of safety and respect that they feel as part of our dance family.

At our studio, education is key. We feel it is important to grow our students as members of a team and as part of the artistic community and offer multiple performance and team building opportunities. We keep our class sizes small so that each student can receive more attention from our qualified instructors. Our adult students can learn dance in a laid back atmosphere without the pressure of performance until they feel that they are ready.

We're committed to promoting and representing the arts in our community and abroad, and to ensuring that all students have the opportunity to enhance their lives through dance. We embrace all new and returning members into our studio community and will to continue to foster the qualities of respect, open communication, and creativity that make our studio so special.


Dance with a difference.

Be a part of the movement!